Blake’s 7

I made a short video in an attempt to introduce younger sci-fi fans to the BBC’s fabulous space adventure Blake’s 7. It has been referred to as “Britain’s answer to Star Trek”, and was made by many of the people involved with Doctor Who at the time. As someone whose earliest memories are of watching the show, I felt I’d do my bit to try and spread the word.



Blake’s 7 was a hit when it aired, and despite its meagre financial support, set some precedents for the genre (see video). It turns forty next January, so hopefully there’ll be some form of celebration. I’m sure we’re creeping towards an inevitable reboot. A sequel seems unlikely given it’s been off the air since 1981. I’d say, “Watch this space!”, but fans have been here before (see Martin Campbell, Sky TV and others).



So the video: I could do another pass to refine some sound elements, and adjust the framing of some text, but it’s out there. I hope it captures the essence of the show (the Rage Against The Machine track is a leap). If you like your sci-fi and TV history (without spoilers) please sit back for three minutes and watch Blake’s 7 – A Rough Guide (a rubbish title)…


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