Mallorca Lee’s Acid & Eve

Promo I’ve cut for DJ/Producer/MC/podcaster Mallorca Lee’s album Acid & Eve, which celebrates 30 years of acid house.

This was fun to do, as Mallorca wanted it to be a bit trippy, which lead to me tinkering with After Effects. Normally in an interview I’d look for opportunities to take out as many pauses, “umms” and “errrs…” but he was up for keeping a lot of them in to show the train of thought, and I think it works. The interview was the first time he’d talked about making the album, and on camera he realises the full toll it’s taken.

Anyway, have a swatch on your tea-break, it’s only four minutes, and check Mallorca’s site for the album. Along with a music and painting career, his podcast, ‘The Hashtag Show’, with comedians Scott Gibson and Gary Little, is on iTunes and is a good laugh.

The full Acid & Eve interview, which was shot by Mark Boggis and conducted by Colin McKellar, is coming. It’s frank and unpretentious, and anyone interested in music tech and an individual’s approach should find it worth a listen.

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