Sync Or Swim

Scotland’s own Mallorca Lee (DJ/MC/producer/artist/podcaster) has written, performed, produced, and painted the artwork, for Acid & Eve, his album celebrating 30 years of acid house.

Mark Boggis was asked by Mallorca if he would film him talking with Colin McKellar about the story and technology behind the album. This would go on Mallorca’s website for his loyal and lively fanbase. As the album was recorded purely using the original Roland machines from which acid house was born, there could be wider appeal to folk interested in music production in general.

I first cut a short promo from the footage (see previous post) which went down well. For the main interview I felt that the material cried out to be turned into a more complete film, so in between jobs I built a quick title sequence, added archive gig material (by Double Vision), clips from all the songs on the album, and then hacked TF out of it.

While editing I was aware that it could benefit from additional footage to break things up, but our schedules didn’t allow for any more filming. Remember, kids: Films are never completed, only abandoned…

The full impact from making Acid & Eve hits Mallorca for the first time during this interview. He’s open, honest, unpretentiousness, and wanted the film to show those moments where his demons are exposed.

Anyway…Are you sitting comfortably…?