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Reporting Glasgow – Lock-Down Special

This just in…! A news sketch, obviously very much bowing to The Day Today, with a surreal dash of Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz’s under-appreciated Look Around You. Shot around Glasgow in April on a Huawei, with a very polished sound-mix by David McKeitch. Thank you to Kitty Paterson, Liam and Jude Hughes, Briony Monroe, Tommy J. Brennan, and Luca… Read more →

Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

Francis Macdonald has been a prominent figure of the Scottish indy music scene since the late 80s. More recently he’s been making a name for himself writing scores for films and TV, which is how we know each other. Last November he invited DOP Mark Boggis to film the recording of the follow-up to his first classical album ‘Music for… Read more →